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The maritime wall: Military heritage in Cartagena

Lying parallel to the seafront in the main port area, you will be impressed by the last city wall of Cartagena, built in the 18th century, on the orders of the Spanish King Carlos III.

Cartagena and its Arsenal became the main military facility of the Spanish Mediterranean during the 18th century. Thus, dozens of fortification were built in order to defend it, including the Wall and the coastal batteries crowning the mountains surrounding the port area. The wall we can see facing the seafront is an enormous structure that used to loop around the whole of the built-up area, making the city impregnable, and was part of the mentioned defensive system. These defences were to protect the Military Arsenal and the city of Cartagena against possible attacks from any enemies and the majority remained in service until the beginning of the 20th century, when most of them were abandoned.

Nowadays they are all part of the military heritage of the city and can be admired while strolling through the town. Just as we exit from the pier and start approaching to the city centre, we will see the wall, as well as the additional staircase added by the architect Victor Beltrí later in time. Also, the King Carlos III will be found beside the staircase, as his bust is welcoming visitors and locals alike.

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