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Picasso’s birth town – Malaga

One of the world known and most influential painters of the 19th century was born in the Spanish city of Málaga, we are referring to Pablo Picasso. The father of Cubism, who lived in Málaga, had his first contact with painting thanks to with his own father, José Ruiz Blasco, who was a drawing teacher.

Málaga was always part of his fanciful work, due to its amazing history, culture and heritage, plenty of Muslim and Christians monuments, Orientalism, the light of the sea and the sun, and its famous bulls, bullfighters and flamenco dancers.

Discovering the life of Picasso is possible through many and different shore excursions at the city centre; Malaga´s downtown has plenty of amazing examples such as the Alcazaba, Picasso Museum, and The Roman Theatre…

Join us to discover what this amazing and ancient city offers in any of our set tours and guided visits with our team of quality guides, or tell us about your own preferences and we will prepare a tailored tour for yourself. The cultural richness of the city is awaiting for you!

Would you like to discover Malaga?


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