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Drink horchata – Valencia

From the many different things you can experience and do in Valencia, drinking horchata is, without a doubt, one of your main musts. This tiger nut (“chufas” in Spanish) milk is one of the region’s gastronomic treasures.

It was originally homemade, but nowadays you can find it all over the city, in the so-called “Horchaterias” (refreshment stalls), and just as well, because during the summer months, when the temperature rises, is the ideal drink to cool you down. If you decide to taste the popular -mostly among locals!- non alcoholic drink, you will realize some people have it with Fartons. These fartons are long pieces of sweet bread, that combined together with horchata taste absolutely lovely. No wonder why The Lonely Planet guidebook mentions this local drink and food as a recommendation to sample when visiting the area, even though it might sound a weird word for a non-Spanish speaker!

Visit Valencia with us, make the most of your day at port, strolling through the beautiful coastal city in any of our guided visits, and finish your shore excursion with a stop at any of the city´s Horchaterias to taste this out-of-this world drink before returning back to the pier. Definitely, just what does a body good after your stroll through Valencia.

Visit Valencia and drink a horchata!


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